The Real Wild West: A History of The American Frontier

The Real Wild West: A History of The American Frontier

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The Real Wild West: A History of The American Frontier – Every country has a past that seems to be embraced within their contemporary character projected on both themselves and to the wider world. For the Nordic nations of Sweden and Norway, it’s their Viking ancestry. For Japan, it’s their feudal period with tales of the Samurai. For England, it’s their history of Kings and Queens with Knights clad in armour while for the United States it is their tales of the Wild West.

We all have an idea of what the Wild West was like with visions of gunfights in the streets between heroes and villains, cattle trains thundering across open plains, bandits leaping on trains to rob its passengers, and enduring animosity between the white settlers and the native peoples. All of it has been ingrained in the public consciousness after decades of movies, books and legends of the old West portraying it as such but like all tall tales told throughout history, we have to question how much truth there is in the popular perception of this fascinating and crucial period of American history.

In this documentary, we are going to examine the true history of the old West and study how its influence has helped define the culture of the modern American nation. This is the story of the Real Wild West.

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