The Odyssey Explained In 25 Minutes

The Odyssey Explained In 25 Minutes

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The Odyssey Explained In 25 Minutes – Homer’s Odyssey is regarded as one of the greatest stories of all time, having played a pivotal role in both Greek Mythology and Western civilisation for the last 2,500 years.

Having constructed the Trojan Horse, Odysseus had ensured victory against all odds and proved his reputation as the most cunning of the Greeks. But throughout it all, Odysseus only longed for one thing, to finally return to his homeland of Ithaca where he could be reunited with his wife and son. However, while his family awaited his return, Odysseus’ journey home would take 10 long years, during which he and his crew would have to face the most terrifying creatures known to man. A journey so epic, its tale would be told for thousands of years. This is his story.

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